A first generation farm located outside Clearwater, Manitoba.
Treaty One Territory.

Colin and Katie McInnes have been farming since they moved from Winnipeg in March of 2013.
Their farm near Clearwater, MB is their second location, and their permanent home. 
The farm encompasses just under twelve acres on a beautiful valley, with a small unnamed creek, or run, at the bottom, plus 37 acres of rented pasture.  Their two farm dogs enjoy roaming the creek, which from a birds eye view resembles a dog's head. This is how the farm got its name.

Food is the most important thing in their lives.
Since making the decision to farm, raising excellent quality food for themselves, their friends and family, and their customers as been their goal.
Colin and Katie raise Dorper sheep, pigs, chickens, Narragansett turkeys, laying hens, four miniature donkeys, as well as ducks, geese, cats and their two dogs. The grow a large garden for flowers and vegetables for their own consumption.
They are always looking for ways to make their farm more efficient and their home more welcoming.

They are motivated by commitments to regenerative agriculture, their community, and skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations. They practise rotational grazing techniques, which helps lands to recover and improve in relationship with the animals it feeds. They purchase feed such as hay and grains from their neighbours, which helps to keep the local economy healthy, and insures that they know where their feed is coming from. The grain they purchase for pig and poultry feed comes from close neighbours who practise no-till, poly-cropping, and minimum input farming. 
They also enjoy practicing skills such as carpentry, canning, soap making, tapping manitoba maples for syrup, and gathering food from the wild. 

Establishing relationships with their customers makes the hard work of farming worth while. 
If you are interested in becoming a friend of the farm, please contact us.

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