Free-range turkey

Our turkeys are raised on pasture, where they have the opportunity to roam, scratch in the dirt, catch bugs, and stretch their wings.

We raise commercial white turkeys, perfect for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

We raise a limited number of and turkeys each season.
Please contact us for availability and delivery information.


2019 Prices


Whole white turkeys. (average 15 lbs)

$4.75 per pound

Chicken was FABULOUS!

"... cannot say enough about how good that chicken was.  Even the smell in the house was so much better than when cooking a store bought chicken.  It was FABULOUS.  Also it was an exceptional job of evisceration.  I have never received a chicken that was that clean and well packaged."

— L.N., customer since 2017

Best bone broth ever

“Our thanksgiving turkey was delicious, but the stock that it made the day after was the best ever.”

— D.H., customer since 2013